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Friday, February 6, 2009

Overcome Depression By Finding Your Strength

Sometimes it can be helpful simply to accept the reality of your depression. The strategies people use to self-medicate or deny a depression often cause more problems complicating the existing depression. So you might want to answer the following questions to help face the depression while realizing that you are bigger than your depression.

• “I am depressed, but one resource for helping me through the depression is __________________________” (Answer this as many times as possible).

• “I am depressed but I can reach out for help. The following people can support me through this depression:” (List as many people as possible)

• “I am depressed but one quality about myself that will help me through this depression is:” (Answer as many times as possible).

• “Even though I am depressed I will not fall back on the self-destructive habit of ______________ for coping with this depression”

• “I am depressed but there are many professionals who are trained to help people who are struggling like I am. The following professionals can guide me through this difficult time: (list as many as possible, it might be a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist, a primary care doctor, an energy healer, a naturopath etc.)”

• “The family members that will be the most useful in helping me cope with depression are:”

• “The family members that will be least helpful during my depression are: (List family members) and I might want to consider setting strong boundaries until I recover from this depression.”

• “The things I can do that will help me cope with this depression are:” (list as many activities as possible.”

After completing these sentence stems you can also write free form reflections on resources you have available to you to help cope with your depression.One of the symptoms of depression is that it keeps you focused on the bad things in your life and it often prevents you from seeing the positive things in your life. You may be depressed, but that is not all that you are. Ask yourself “What else are you?” What strengths do you have that the depression has not overshadowed? For example, you might write that “I am depressed, but I am also a mother”, or “I am a professional”. In reflecting on your strengths, you might write that “I still am a wonderful cook,” or “I have overcome many difficulties in my life and therefore am strong and courageous.”

Dealing With Depression On a Daily Basis

No one said that dealing with depression on a daily basis was easy. It is not. But, if you have this disease, then you must find a way, even if it is deep inside you, to pull through the day. Remind yourself of the positive things that you have within your life. Your family, your job, your friends can be a few. If you have been diagnosed with depression or feel that you are dealing with depression on a daily basis, you may feel that depression is consuming your life. You worry about everything. You don’t want to do anything. The things that used to make you happy, well, they just don’t seem important anymore. You need to realize that depression is a serious condition and that without the assistance of a doctor, depression just won’t go away.

But, you can learn to deal with the effects of depression within your daily life. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it would be much easier to try and forget about it all. But, if you ever want to be happy again, you’ll want to find a way out of your black hole. In order to deal with depression on a daily basis, you may have to force yourself to do things that you do not enjoy doing anymore. You may have to surround yourself with people and places that are positive. You may have to seek out a therapist to talk to about your depression.

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