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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Relationship Between Depression And Failure

Depression and Failure are like two Siamese twins.Failure has been one of the major reasons why a lot of people are depressed.Many people breakdown psychologically, mentally,spiritually and even physically when they experience certain disappointments of life.When hopes and expectations have been built up so high and the unexpected happens;  it destabilizes some people to the point that they totally breakdown.

You must know and prepare your mind that failure is only an event and not the final destination.The best way to cope with life irrespective of its very contradictions is to decide not to miss what you did not get. The feelings of oh! I missed it again, why me, what have I done wrong,when will I get out of this, who is after my life? will I ever make it again and will I ever become somebody of repute in life etc can kill or make someone psychologically imbalance.

Aviod the feelings of shame,hopelessness and regrets because you can still be happy in life despite what you did not get.Everything depends on your mindset.if you keep crying after what you have lost, there will be no time to prepare for what is will do a lot of damage to yourself if you keep missing what you did not get. Whether it is in the area of relationship, marriage, business opportunities, traveling chance, positioning in the office or material things, once you have tried your best and it did not happen or it happened but could not be sustained, just forget it and move on with life.

Whenever you are in a fix,take a concrete decision because it is the decision you take when things happen to you that will determine its effect on you. You can get of out depression bytrivalizing your problems. No one is problem or challenge free. The only difference is that some carry theirs on the head while some put theirs under the feet.

How To Help Your Child Overcome Depression

Depression is an elusive illness that affects the young today. There has been cases of children who thought killing themselves is the best solution to get out of depression.. Statistics have shown that four out of every 100 teenagers experience some sort of serious depression each year. Parents whose children are experiencing depression have a role to play in helping their children to get out of this mental illness. To help you your child overcome depression, make him or her feel loved and accepted.

One of the difficult things children must deal with are the lies that come into their minds masquerading as truth:I’m not loved,’I’m not accepted.’ I’m not appreciated’ I’m not attractive’, I’m not good enough, I’m too fat, “too thin’ ‘too tall”. “too short”, “too dumb,” ‘too smart”, “too everything” These lies escalate as children move into their teenage years and often are carried into adulthood..

You need to respond with love, kindness and support if your child is experiencing depression. The opposite of being loved and accepted is being rejected-something we’ve all experienced at one time or the other in our lives.Who among us has never felt embarrassment, humiliation, failure, fault, or someone disapproival over something we’ve done? Wether it be by a family member, a friend, or a complete stranger, rejection happens to all of us.

Some people can let such incident roll-off their backs, because they know, deep within,  that they are accepted.others,  however, may bear deep emotional wounds from incident after incident of rejection, so any perceived lack of acceptance can transform their personalities into something ugly.

That’s why rejection is at the root of so much of the evil we read about in the news papers every day. A rejected worker goes back to his former place of employment and shoots his boss and co-workers. A rejected husband beats or kills his wife.  A mother whio has been rejected by others abuses her child.  Rejection brings out the worst in people, love and acceptance bring out the best.
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