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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Know Who You Are And Find Where You Fit.

I may not Fit Into Your Place but I have a place I fit into. God created everyone for a purpose. If you can find your place, you will shine as star. No one can take away what God made for you. If you are where you are not fulfilled, that means you are yet to get to where you belong.

There is no way to outrun a man or a woman who is in his/her track and running his/her own race. The reason you see so many jealousy and envy is because people generally do not know where they fit in. Envy especially is admiration turned upside down. The man or woman who envies you acknowledges something in you that he/she desires but cannot pay the price to acquire.

Most of the struggles and ridicules of life are avoidable if we understand the simple law of life. Know who you are, where you belong, and what you are cut out for. Know your limitations and also know your capabilities. Once you know who you are, where you fit in will be easy to locate.

Nothing plagues people like lack of identity. Do not allow people to call you who you are not. If you are a light weight and they call you heavy weight and you agree, when you meet heavy weight boxer, you may become a tragedy. So do not pretend to be what you are not.If you are not happy with yourself or fulfilled as you are, then , do something about it.The problem might probably be that you are not where you are created to be and certainly not doing what you are cut out to do.

Turn inwards, discover yourself for there is a you that is in you. You must discover the you in you. What God gave you to trade with are in you. Until you discover them, struggles and sufferings will continue.

After turning inward to discover and develop your potentials or endowments, find a platform for performance. There are those sent to enjoy what God gave you. Find out that environment and those people. Your thriving is located there.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Challenge Your Situation

There is no situation that cannot change if you will work hard and be patient. A situation not challenged will harden up and become a hill, a hill not removed will become a mountain and a mountain not addressed will become impossible. Do not leave situations till they get out of hand before you start running around for solution. That is what most people do, but know that problems are better solved in their embryo stage. If you allow them to harden. They become more difficult to get rid off.

The more you allow a matter to drag for too long, the more you give your opponents time to stiffen their positions. Procrastination they say is an enemy of progress. For instance, many patients in the hospital would not have gotten to their pitiable stage if they had consulted their doctors on time. Many marriages would not have collapsed if a respected counsellor was contacted on time. So, challenge your situation and it will change.

Take a decision concerning your situation. You will have to be decisive in life to create a chance for yourself. No one will give you a chance, it is your decision that will create the chance you desire. Do not shy away from taking firm decisions even if they are hard ones.

Make sure you apply correct approach to your situation and it will bring a positive result just as the correct tools will get a job done with ease.
That situation before you is waiting for a solution, so calm down and look at it very well,solution will emerge. No situation will standstill in the face of serious and continuos efforts.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let Yesterday Go

Welcome to the month of December, the most celebrated of all the months of the year!So many of us look forward to December , either because of the Christmas celebration or because of the “no work’’season which is an opportunity to rest and unwind. One of the strongest yokes that hold people down in life is their past For instance, people find it difficult to forget their past mistakes,losses, disappointments,failures e.t.c. Yet no one can move forward looking backward.
If you are going to move fast, you must forget your past. The fact is , there is no one without yesterday, but if you do not let it go, it will affect your today and may destroy your tomorrow. Know that the tomorrow ahead of you is greater than the yesterday behind you.

As the year is wonderfully winding up. I am beginning to peep delightly into the year 2011. Unfortunately, those who are still romancing their past, the unreached goals, unmet needs, success, regrets e.t.c would not find an interesting things to do.

If you want to move forward in every aspect of your life in 2011; you must leave behind you hurts, resentment, unforgiveness, envy, unhealthy relationships even your success because there are greater things ahead.

Disappointments, mistakes and failures are all indications that you are part of human race. If you think what happened to you or that which you are currently passing through has not happened to anyone before, you have allowed yourself to be deceived. People have passed through worst things and came out of it. So, you too will come out and come up. It is after you decide to let yesterday go that moving into your future becomes a possibility. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Global Economics Crisis And Depression

It is no more news that the Global Economics Crisis is affecting every nation of the world and this has resulted to a lot of people losing their jobs. So many people are out of work and are struggling to hold onto their homes.

There are those who are trying to figure out where the money for food is going to come from for the week. Many are faced with no medical insurance. Christians all over the world are already looking forward to another Christmas, which is just three weeks away.

In our hard economic times this year money is a major factor for depression and the holiday season only reminds us how bad things are and reminds us that we have to cut back or eliminate some from our lists.

Are you depressed because you are financially down ? Pls cheer up and don’t take a rash decision , all you need to do is to have different streams of income. You need to accept and embrace change without making excuses (i.e. too old, too busy, too broke, too late),

The solution is to accept that the world has changed and embrace Information Age .
Start an online business:

Here are some online businesses you can do online

Set up a blog: It is very easy to use a blog to build your presence online, blogging regularly about a specific and profitable niche area of expectise will help you to generate a lot of money from your blog, all you have to do is to monetize your blog, all the resources needed are available online. If you need help, I will help you create one for free.

Affiliate Marketing - Almost every single site out on the internet has some sort of an affiliateship, affiliate program, profit sharing program etc. An Affiliate program is a program you join as an affiliate from a website, affiliate marketing can be very appealing to many people starting out doing business online, because you don't need to own your own product and, in many cases, you don't even need a website. You simply market someone else's product using a specially coded link with your affiliate ID, and every time you make a sale using your affiliate link, you get paid a commission payment for the sale.

Create Your Own Online Community – The recent phenomenon of social networking is creating unprecedented new opportunities for people online. One of the most recent trends is to start your own online community, focusing on a specific area of interest.

Information Product - The focus here is specifically on creating digital information products that can be downloaded online. Examples of information products are e-books (electronic books) and information reports, audio books and podcasts, video training products, membership sites, software and web services, etc

Provide service online - If the thought of being an online entrepreneur running your own business seems too risky for you to consider at this stage, then why not continue working for others, but transfer your skills to the online arena? There are many opportunities for providing much needed services to other companies. One growing trend, for example, is the outsourcing of tasks like creating, managing and updating web content, providing search engine optimization and online marketing services, business training and consulting services, etc.

Freelancing- This sort of goes along with writing articles.If you know how to do something like write,how to do web design, web templates, web development whatever, you can do it as a freelancer. You can make actual money from this, check out freelance sites, do a search on Google for Freelance sites, freelance jobs or freelancers. This will take you to many different sites where you might be able to offer your services.
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