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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How To Turn Your Mistakes To Your Advantage

Are you depressed because of the mistakes you have made in the past.I want you to know that you can’t seize your future while you’re obsessing over your past.Nobody starts out being good at everything.Tackling new ventures usually means learning by trial and error.It is not wrong to make a mistake in life.When you run away from mistakes you are simply making a mistake.Mistake is the path-way to perfection and is a way of living.Mistakes happen! Not only do they happen,they are quaranteed to happen. The only way you won’t make mistakes is if you don’t do anything and that itself is a mistake.Too many people are afraid to try something new because they feel they might make mistakes.They are both right and wrong.Yes,they will probably make mistakes but it is good to understand that errors are the raw materials for heroes.You never accomplish great or worth while things without risk and risk generally means great mistake potential.

To turn your mistakes to your advantage:

1)Admit your mistakes.Why don’t we?

a)Pride:we’ve an image to uphold.

b)Insecurity:ourself-worth is based on our performance.

c)Stubborness:we’d rather flog a dead horse than bury it.

2)Accept mistakes as the price of progress.Learn to view failure as a healthy,inevitable part of succeeding.Nothing is perfect in life.

3)Insist on learning from your mistakes.when you try to avoid failure at all cost.You never learn and you end up repeating the same mistakes.

The way to avoid mistakes is experience.The way to get experience is by mistakes.Don;t feel bad because you messed up with something in your past.All great people did.While one person hesitates because he feels inferior another is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.(Henry C.Link).

Friday, March 12, 2010

What To Do When You Are Bitter

Maybe your whole being is struggling complaining and crying for justice. You may even find it difficult to forgive yourself or pardon others who have offended you. Yes indeed, you may have been wronged, slandered, persecuted and you cannot get over it. may be the more you try to shake it off this burden the worse you become.

Here are five keys to overcome bitterness:

1. Process your grief: Emotions like fear, anger, worry, depression, resentment, helplessness and grief are normal. It's no good to suppress them or deny they exist. God created us to feel. He doesn't expect us to act happy when we're grieving.

2. Accept help. It's a mistake to isolate yourself in the aftermath of a tragedy. We all need the encouragement of others

3. Choose the right response:when you choose bitterness, you hurt yourself and shut the door on happiness because you cannot be happy and bitter at the same time. During some recent California wildfires there were victims who said, we've lost everything and we're sad, but we'll work together as a family rebuild, other said. 'my life's over! I can't go on... I 'II never recover. You can choose to believe you're on your own, or that God's with you and bounce back.

4. Know your joy comes from God. There's no correlation between your circumstances and your joy. Joy comes from within;It's based on whom you trust not what you see and feel.

5. Concentrate on what you have left. not on what you've lost. Make a list of the good things in your life and thank God for what you still have. It's impossible to be grateful and hopeless at the same time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Prevent Your Child From Being Depressed

Depression has been one of the major problems facing children all over the world.Parents have a role to play in helping their children from getting depression and I think the best way to do this is to train up your child in the way he should go.The words ‘the way he should go mean:the way best suited to your child’s unique make up,abilities and God given personality’Perfectionism violates these characteristics,encouraging your child to be something they were not intended to be in order to gain approval.To help your child overcome this:
1) Convince them that they are valuable to God and you because of who they are,not because of what they accomplish.
2) Help them to understand that it’s impossible to complete every assignment without errors.Train them to think about mistakes as opportunities to experiment,clarify personal values,learn and improve their skills,thinking and decision-making.
3) Share with them your mistakes and poor decisions.Discuss your flaws and how you have grown through them.
4) Explain that perfectionists get ‘ tunnel vision’,locking themselves into limited and limiting options for problem-solving.Explain that there is more than one way to solve a problem,organize a project and get things done.Discuss some of these other ways as a means of expanding their perceptions and introducing greater flexibility into their life
5) Celebarte the effort,not just the result.Praise things unrelated to achievement such as generosity,honesty and kindness
6)Reduce their pressure.Do they really need all those advanced courses or to participate in every extra curricular activity? Perfectionism is too much of a good thing,it starts early and they don’t ‘grow out of it’naturally.Helping reduce it systematically will improve your child’s quality of life.
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