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Monday, April 25, 2011

Love Is A Dream - Marriage Is The Alarm Clock

When people say love is blind. I say to them that it is marriage that will restore the sight. Before marriage, opposite sex attracts but in marriage, they repel. Do not go into marriage blindly, those who have so gone are regretting. Do not be forced into it either because if you do, you will equally be forced out. Go into marriage with your two eyes wide open. This is because whatever you do blindly will have problems. Some are already into it for no one told them love is a dream.   

When you dream for instance, sometimes you may see yourself as the head of state, chairman of a big multi- national organisation, in a push car etc before someone knocks on your door and you come back to reality to discover you have been dreaming.

However you can turn your love dream into reality if you will note and do the following: 

Do not rush into love: Love is like a tender plant, it takes time to grow. Somebody may just like you but say he/ she loves. Likeness and love are not the same. Someone can like you if he sees what he wants in you. If there are benefits he thinks he can derive from you but as soon as those things are no more that is the end. But love means despite who and what you are or may turn out to be in future. He will always be there for you.

When you wake up , face life. You do not win a battle by running away from it , those who have woken up to the reality that what they dreamt of was not what they found; I say, take heart because you can still turn that marriage around, only that it will be at a price. The price of patience, endurance forbearance, forgiveness and hope. Do not give up on your marriage no matter what

Monday, April 18, 2011

She Married Herself Without A Husband

A popular Taiwanese psychiatrist had a splendid wedding for herself early this year without a husband. Chen chen, 45, who has published a number of books, said that she spent two  month  preparing for her wedding in full traditional Taiwanese style. It included sending wedding invitation to friends and relatives for her wedding reception, lighting firecrackers and giving out her wedding cake. Sounds funny, but that’s  the uncover secret of achievers!They always remember that: THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE IS TO MEET YOURSELF AND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR SELF! Chen Chen is not the only woman to have fallen in love with, and married herself. It’s a common practice in Taiwan.

In November last year, Taipei office worker held her own wedding after thinking that it was time to get married although she had not found “Mr Right.” The emphasis here is not on the “marriage ceremony” of these women, but on their mindset of BELEIVING IN THEMSELVES.

No matter what is happening to or around you, always remember that you are the expressed image of God and that you are not inferior to anybody. Don’t allow circumstances or daily events  to re-define who you are.

On your next birthday, buy yourself a card addressed: “FROM ME TO ME” treat yourself to a great dinner, go shopping and buy a good birthday gift for yourself, then sing a happy birthday song to yourself. 

The reason is simple: You Must Be Your Number One fan In This Wicked World! Agape Love (Unconditional Love) Is Not For You To Love The World Alone! It Must Start With You Loving Yourself Just As You Are (Without Condition).

The greatest experience is to meet yourself and fall in love with yourself daily, over and over again. Will you plan your solo-wedding soon? Invite me! Start today.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Every Problem Has A Solution

One of the greatest post- war Italian comedians, Mario Monicelli has killed himself by jumping out of an hospital window. Monicelli. 95, was nicknamed:"THE FATHER OF ITALIAN COMEDY" for directing films such as "Amiel Mei" ( My Dear Friend) and "Soliti Ignoti" (person Unknown)- all great comedies that can make you think that Christmas is in July. He received numerious awards and was nominated for Oscar award. He acted and directed 70 films, often focusing on stories about ordinary people confronted by extra ordinary circumstances. But is it not sad that after helping others to laugh, he could not help himself to laugh.

According to a controversial statement by USA police, former Nigeria footbal squad ( the super Eagles) defender, Uche Okafor committed suicide in January this year. This has brought to three the numbers of Nigeraian footballers who have committed suicide since 1952. The reason for this controversial suicide is unknown. Uche's death also follows the suicide of German goalkeeper Robert Enke. He commited suicide a few months ago because  he could not get over the death of his two years old daughter, Lara, who had died of heart complications

In life, there is no battle free age group, nation, profession, colour, tribe, sex etc. Obstacles and trials are inevitiable to all. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace and problems are the price progress. That is why you  must not murmur, die or quit. Every Problem Has A Solution And Has An Expiry Date!  You must be determined and resolute inspite of that depressing circumstance.

Never bow to a problem! It will bow at last if you hold on and hold out.You must not end your life, giving up is not an option, quitting is not an option; success is a journey not a destination.


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