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Friday, January 28, 2011

Stop Worrying

Do not worry for worry is a killer. Worry is like the berbers chair, it turns you round and round without  taking you an inch forward. When you worry you can’t pray, when you worry you cannot sleep and when you worry, you cannot think. Worry leads to sleeplessness, which leads to hypertention and hypertention leads to all kind  of system breakdown disorders. Worry has and is still sending people to their untimely grave. Stop it before it stops you. If you worry from now till eternity, it will make no difference, so avoid worrying, only think of how to make things better.

Worry cannot pay your debt, settle your bill, release your cheque, heal you, complete your project, help pass your examination or secure you a job. Worry cannot give you a baby or undo what has been done. So, why are you worrying on these things? Worry is the money you pay for goods not supplied. It is death warrants for an untimely grave, avoid it.

Worry is not necessary for fear  is not real. What you are afraid of will never happen and fear is false expectation appearing real. Nobody fears what has already happened, it is the unknown that creates fear and the unknown is the unreal. Fear is an exaggeration of problem. 

Things are not always how people describe them to be. People exaggerate a lot because that is the only way to make you believe in what they say. There are many situations you thought will kill you or that you could not survive in the past but you survived them. That is why you are still alive.

Monday, January 24, 2011

If You Want To Succeed You Must Be Ready To Fail.

Do not quit easily from a pursuit you have carefully thought  about before embarking on. You must be ready to fail if you desire to succeed for those who fear failure will never know success. This is because success is a product of risk. Many have never in their lives succeeded significantly in any area because they would not want to fail. I would rather fail ten times and succeed once than to remain on the same spot for fear of failure.

From my experience and from the experiences of others, I have discovered that people do not remember your failure anymore when you eventually succeed.  The chance to succeed or fail in life is 50/50. No matter how much you plan and no matter how careful you are when you embark on a thing, there are bound to be some challenges along the way. There are situations and circumstances that will develop later which you did not forsee the onset.

Every celebrated achievement has the other side but when success comes, failure is relegated to the backgroung. Read the biographies of great men and women in life, you will find out that the two(failure and success) always go hand in hand.

Risk taking is crucial in success. If you are the type that is risk averse, you will become a risk yourself because there is  no guaranteed success on any voyage. Every journey of life is a risk,those who eventually  succeed are the ones called champions or celebrities.

No matter what, failure can never be final. It  only means you should do it again in another way.  AS you turn it around again and again, things would change for better.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothing Comes Cheap In Life.

If it is cheap, then it has little or no value. To grow up and become a distinguished man or a lady of repute is not easy. To acquire good education is not easy. To pick up a good job after your training is not easy. To make a choice in marriage is not easy; to settle down and build an enviable home is not easy. For a man and a woman to stay together as husband and wife till death do them part is not easy. To own a business and run it successfully is not easy.

To be a man, providing for, protecting  your wife and children is not easy also. To attend lectures, read, write and pass examination is not easy. To work, gather money and build a house is not easy. To be the head of an organization or church is not easy. To succeed and maintain success in not easy too.

There is no person who loved or lived a life of ease that was remembered, so hate easy things. Make up your mind early in life as to what you really want to achieve by working hard for it. Victory is not  cheap, work hard to achieve your set goals. Nothing is impossible for a serious minded person.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Thinking, Good Products

Life is a reflection of our thoughts, actions and inactions. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. You can never rise above the level of your thinking. The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your speech, products, and life. The Toyota advert says: GOOD THINKING, GOOD PRODUCTS. It is high time we started using our grey loaf upstairs- our brains.

What do you always think about? This is very important. Whatever you think about grows in your life. You will always grow in the direction of your dominant thoughts. Do you always think of failure or success?

The way you mind works has a way of affecting everything you do and are involved in. If your mind is working negatively, it can undermine or destroy your chances of success in life.

A man who is suffering from paranoia, for instance, cannot maintain relationships. Paranoid is a situation in which a man always thinks that other are discussing him at his back. When a paranoid sees two people talking and laughing, he says, They must be talking and laughing about me. When two people are standing and he passes by them , he thinks. Why did they suddenly go quiet when I got near them? They must have been discussing me.

Another thinking disorder is called hypochondria- morbid anxiety about health. It is a nervous malady. It is a situation where someone always thinks that something negative is about to happen to him, especially with respect to hia health. A hypochondriac always expects the worst to happen. He imagine that he may be carrying an incurable disease in his body, and he does not even know.

When a man or woman is suffering from paranoia, hypochondria or indeed any other type of thinking disorder, they become virtually unproductive in life. They are never able to think right or straight. Before long, they begin to believe their own assumptions. These beliefs, in turn, begin to affect their attitudes, habbits, relationships, performance and consequently, their productivity.

Finally, thinking is free. You do not pay for thinking, so why not treat yourself to some positive thinking and great imaginations. It will cost you nothing. Absolutely nothing.
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