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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Women And Depression-How Postpatum Depression Can Be Prevented

Medical experts believe that some women develop depression during pregnancy and empirical evidence has shown that between 8 and 12 percent of women are unable to adjust to parenthood and become so depressed that they seek medical help.

For most women, the birth of their baby is one of the most strenuous but also happiest days in their lives. So it is very difficult to understand why almost three-quarters of all women feel down shortly after giving birth.

Postpartum depression is one of the types of depression facing women. Postpartum depression is thought to be related to biochemical changes in the brain.If a woman feels that she is becoming depressed, she should seek help. Some of the signs of depression are sadness,inability to see, poor appetite,poor concentration, a feeling of being unable to cope, fatique, irritability and anxiety.

Some doctors ask women the following questions to find out if the woman is likely to develop postpartum depression or become depressed :
•Have a family history or a personal history of a depressive episode.

•Lacked experience in parenting a child or an adolescent (for example having no siblings to care for)

•Had an unstable or abusive family during childhood and adolescence

•Lacked positive support from husband or partner during and after pregnancy.

•Have a personal or a family history of depression

•Have had depression diagnosed during the pregnancy

•Are cut off from a near relative or friend who could care for the baby from time to time.

•possibly had negative experiences in their contact with health professionals during the pregnancy ( for example lacking information and communication.

Women are more likely to develop postpartum depression if they are socially and emotionally isolated or have had recent streessful life events. A woman suffering from depression needs help from a sympathetic doctor who is prepared to listen to her and give support and encouragement.
In more severe cases, psychiatric consultation may be needed.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Relationship Between Depression And Alcohol

It quite unfortunate that many people around the world do not know that there is a relationship between alcohol and depression.Part of the problem with alcohol, as it relates to depression, is that it is difficult for some to have just one drink. Another concern is that depressed people often times want to drink their troubles away only to find the next day that their troubles not only still exist but have taken a turn for the worse. Mostly men try to drink a lot in order to avoid depression but they do not know that alcohol makes worse and provokes symptoms of this nervous disease.

So what is the mechanism that makes alcohol so unpredictable

According to some experts, alcohol might biologically play a significant role on triggering depression. This is a conclusion they have arrived after empirical evidence suggests that alcohol affects the human brain's chemistry. Sometimes alcohol can have a direct effect on the brain's serotonin levels. Serotonin happens to be the neurotransmitter linked directly to depression.

Alcohol may have physical effects, which may deepen the depression. Alcohol inhibits the the part of the brain that controls the motor skills of the body. The same thing happens to the brain's abilities regarding coordination and balance.

Alcohol clouds the rational thinking. This can cause frustration as well as low mood since the person struggles to cope with these effects. People sometimes feel sleepy and ultimately pass out due to the depressive effects of the alcohol on their systems.

Depression experts also note that alcohol consumers who're depressed often decide to go for an 'alcoholic solution' when they consider this as a self-medicating option. These people actually look for the superficial pleasing feelings that come through intoxication. This is like pouring fuel to put out a fire.

Once these feelings pass out, alcohol may suppress the drinkers' mood. They start feeling tired, irritable as well as disoriented. This might feed into the almost unbreakable depression cycle, as the drinkers might also start feeling guilty of their uncurbed drinking motive.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tips On How To Be Happy In Life

Life treats or deals with different persons in diverse ways. Some are rich and some poor; some are born with silver spoon in their mouths and others have humble start. Many make way while the sun shines, while others earn their bread with the sweat of their brow. Some make wealth by foul ways and others have limited stores, for honest earnings are always small. While some are rolling in wealth, many can not afford two square meals a day. The favored and the foul pass their days in prosperity but the hard workers and the handicapped live in adversity.

Inspite of the problems we face in life we can still be happy. some of us may believe that being unhappy in life is something that is destined for them. However, we can be truly happy if we believe we can.Here are some things that you may be ignoring but can make you happy:

- Know what you want in life and what you love doing. Your interests and passion in life are among the things that can give you happiness and fulfillment and thus, for as long as you give time to do what you want and enjoy your passion, you can be happy in life.

-Take care of your health. It is often hard to be happy if your physical self is not well. Loose extra weight if you are overweight or obese, have a healthy diet, cut down on bad eating habits and do exercise. Of course, poor nutrition can be a factor to your bad mood. Keep in mind that the healthier you are, the easier you can learn how to be happy in life.

- Go with positive people. They most likely are happy ones. Get rid of negatives in life and avoid negative people as much as you can. Being negative can influence you and may lead you to being unhappy. If you can't get away with dealing with negative people especially if it happens in the workplace, then you can choose how to react to them and stay away from being angry or irritated.

-Conclusively,Love yourself and draw near unto God,if you cannot love yourself it is difficult to love others.
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