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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Is a Battle Ground

Life is a battle ground. No soldier goes to the battle front in pyjamas but with armour and other equipment of war. Life is like running a hundred meter race in the Olympic games. No athlete goes to the track with flowing babariga rather he trains up and dresses up for the race. Many people have a wrong approach to life, they blame someone else for their faults and failure. 

There was a time in my life when i used to cried every night and blamed some set of people for my problems.  my situation  did not changed  until I started taking responsibility for my life. Human beings generally don’t want to take responsibility for their faults or failures.  Successful  people are those who learnt to take both the credit and the blame for everything that happens in their lives. If you don’t believe that you are responsible for creating your failures and successes, then you will just accept things as they come.

Nobody is responsible for your world. You may be born blind or lame. You may not have control over that. But you do have control over the kind of world you live in.

The astounding story of Wendy will definitely thrill anyone. She placed third, just two- and – half points from first, in the Iowa girls’s state diving championships. At the University of Florida, she earned the number two position on the varsity diving team. She was aiming for the national finals. Wendy carried a full academic load, found time for bowling, and was on accomplished water- skier. The most remarkable thing about Wendy was her typing. She made 45 wpm (word per minute) on her keyboard with her toes.

What is so astounding about her ? You might ask. Well, Wendy was born without arms! How did she make it then ? She quit sorry for herself. She refused to offer her situation as  an excuse to become a begger. She possessed the spirit of a winner. Winner do not look for excuses. They simply act and win, you too can be a winner no matter your situation.
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