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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Can Cure Depression Naturally

Depresssion can be cured naturally. It is just unfortunate that many people do not know that depression can be cured naturally. There are  natural a lot of natual cures for depression, but I am going to talk about three which I think will be of benefit to.

They are  Exercise, B vitamins, Supplement.

  1)Exercise not only can help you become physically fit, it is also an effective way to alleviate depression. In this regard, exercise acts as a mood enhancer. For those who are taking depression medications, exercise can enhance their effects; exercise can help the body absorb medications better. In addition, exercise encourages the production of endorphins, the "happy mood" chemical. If you truly enjoy the exercises you are doing, it can further boost your emotional well being.

Walking is a good example of a natural cure that can give immediate relief. Some researchers have conducted studies and found that walking 30 minutes a day can give immediate relief from depressive symptoms.

2) B vitamin: According to research, adults who have depression have folic acid deficiency. This low level of folic acid in the body can actually cause a person to experience bouts of depression. Not only that, low folic acid levels can also cause a person's body to respond slower to depression medications. Studies have also found a correlation between our moods and folic levels: if our folic levels are high, our moods tend to improve along with it.

3)Supplement:   Supplements like fish oils are effective anti-depressants. Fish oils have an omega-3 fatty acid straight that  has been found to suppress feelings of depression. To keep the brain healthy, it needs DHA fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids can help the brain replenish the brain's supply of DHA fatty acids.

Conclusively, I advise you that take time to talk to friends and mingle with people whom you know will help you and support you with your situation. It will also help if you get yourself busy with things that will take your mind set away from all the troubles you are having! Do a hobby with your friends or close relatives, there are tons to choose from!

You can overcome depression. Whether you opt to use medications or use natural cures for depression, it's important that you remain focused and committed to helping yourself get over it.
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