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Friday, September 16, 2011

How to convince somebody to get help for depression

Convincing somebody to get for help for depression is a difficult task.There are millions of people all over the world who are depressed but who are not ready to see a doctor or a therapy for help due to the mentality they have about depression, they think it is a shame to be depressed, forgetting that it is an illness that we experience at different stages of our lives.

Depression is a condition that affects the young, old, rich and the poor, it is no respecter of  person, when it comes into your live, you must find a way out of getting rid of it.

Nobody can live in isolation, we all need each other to overcome our problems or challenges of live, the role of friends, relations, wives, husbands, therapist, psychologists, doctors in helping one to overcome depression cannot be overemphasized.

If you have somebody you want to convince to get help for depression, the first thing you have to do is to demonstrate love to the person, tell the person you care about him and that depression is a treatable medical condition. Always make yourself available each time he needs your attention, love is giving.

Let him understand that you feel what he feels, that depression if not taken care could lead to suicide. Seeing is believing, give him examples of people who have committed suicide as result of depression, those who have overcome depression with the help of therapists or doctors. You can use the stories of celebrities or books written by people who overcame depression.

There must be people in your family which the depressed person respect, persuade them to talk to him about his depression so that he can seek medical help. 

Two head are better than one, get a therapist involved, give his phone number to the therapist. This will give the therapist the opportunity to build a relationship with him and find a way of helping  solve his problem.

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  1. Approaching that person should vary according to what's important to them but these are great places to start:
    - You deserve to be happy and to feel better everyday
    - I feel like I lose you when you're so sad that it hurts me too.

    I don't like mentioning it's a disease unless the person talks about being crazy. Don't "sicken" the person by labeling them. Help him focus on what he feel rght now and how he could be feeling.

    Blog frog friend discovering your blog :)


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