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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Is Depression?

Depression is a feeling of sadness and hopelessness.Depression is a common problem,it affect at least 2 in 100 children under 12 and 5 in everyday100 teenagers.Depression is even more common in adults.Young people are much more likely to become depressed if they have suffered from abuse or neglect or live in city areas where there are high rate of poverty,unemployment and crime.Depression is a serious and common illness but nowadays there is a great deal of what can be done to help those affected by it.The first step to getting help is to be able to recognice the problem.

what effects can it have?
Because depression affects so many aspects of life,your outlook,how you feel,what you are able to do,it can mean you cope with ordinary daily life much less than usual.Depression increases risk of
1.Drug,alcohol or solvent abuse
2.Self injury such as drug overdose and wrist cutting

It can cause serious problem such as:
1.Difficulty getting on with friends and family.
2.Loss of friends
3.Loss of confidence and difficulty making decisions,inablity to study,work and perform well in exams.
4.Difficulty with day to day tasks
5.Eating problems,turning food for comfort and eating too much or dieting excesscively.
6.Lying,stealing and truanting.

What causes depression?
Depression is commonly caused by a minute of thing rather than any one thing alone.
Some people have experiences that lead to depression.These include family breakdown,abuse,neglect and bullying,serious illnesss and the death or loss of a loved one,people are more at risk of becoming depressed if they have no one to share their worries with,a lot of demand on them and not enough support .Depression often runs in families and someone with a close relative who is affected by depression has a higher risk of becoming depressed themselves.Girls and women are more likely than boys and men to become depressed.


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