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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Depression and Capability

Success is not hereditary.People do not get rich because they are men or women but by developing their capabilities.So,whatever you think or looks like you can do must be developed to bring about your success.Task your brain to produce necessary result because brain is not for decoration but for gains.People have a way of explaining the reasons they failed by blaming it on certain perceived disadvantages.Posses I can make it no matter what mentality, because poverty is not genetic and failure is not a skin disease.You are not in lack because you are black.The fact you are a woman and not a man,black not white,educated but not a graduate,from a poor background not from a rich home,in a village not a city are not the reasons you are the way you are today.

Whether you are a man,woman,old,young,Literate,illiterate etc does not make you a nobody but your refusal to developed the capabilities in you.Self development is what gets things done in life.Even the physically challenged said there is ability in disability.You are capable of doing many things.You can be rich,you can be married,you can bear children,you can be a professional,you can own an enterprise and travel all over the world and fulfil your only need to develop your capabilities.For whatever you do not develop will diminish and eventually disappear.This is one of the reasons many suffer in life.They fail to discover what they have ang even when discovered refuse to developed them.


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