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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Overcome Depression By Apppreciating Your strength

Weaknesses and strength are available and attainable. Every one of us is endowed with the two.There is no pecfect human being on earth; we each have our negatives and positives,minuses and pluses,asset and liabilities.There is no one that is strong all the time and happy all the time.I want you to know that it is you who decides what comes up on you most of the time. A lot of people spend time exaggerating their problems and weaknesses without appreciating that they have their areas of prospects and strength too.In life,whatever you exaggerate aggravates.Whatever song you sing is the dance steps you take.There are many reasons people do that and they are:

Desire for sympathy:Do not seek to be pitied,seek to be envied Human beings always look for people to console,sympathise with and pity.know that your neighbour who you
Secretly envy also has many pitiable conditions.The reason is,it won’t help his or her problem rather it reduces his credibility and respect before,stop announcing your problems,for they only hear,console and sympathise without offering you what you need to be out of situation..

Ignorance:people exaggerate their problems out of ignorance.If they secure better knowledge of the situation,they will rise up and profer solutions instead of raising a pity not be ignorant in life,seek to know something about everything you are doing or going through,you will be a better person that way.

Deception:many people are deceivers.They love to deceive others for some temporal gains.That however is unfortunate because when your deception is discovered,you will be treated like a commom criminal.

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