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Monday, February 7, 2011

Doing The Right Thing The Wrong Way Will Still Lead To Problems.

Problems of life are everywhere, but  nobody loves to have them because they are like the traffic hold up on the highway, they delay ones arrival at destiny. Many do not love or pray for problems, yet they sticks to people’s lives like postage stamp does to the envelopes. Problems are destiny destroyers and progress aborters. Some people’s lives have been enjoyable and fullfiling before problems set in. Many businesses were thriving but suddenly problems cropped up and the story changed. Same thing for many marriages. They were in their honeymoon before problem like an eclipse covered up their moonlight.

There are two sources of problems: Problems from within and also from without. Many people are the architects of their own misfortune, they caused them. They opened their eyes and walked into open traps. They took wrong decisions based on wrong information or assumption and that was how problems came. On the other   hand, there  are externally contrived problems people do create for others. In order to avoid or minimize problems in life, make sure you do only what is right. There are two sides to every issue on earth: right and wrong.

You may be on the right track but if you choose a wrong way to accomplish your purpose, you will still have problems. Do not always love to cut corners or disobey the laws. When you know a thing is wrong , no matter how tempted you are, avoid it, for wrong doings attract problems


  1. I don't know if you remember me or not, I'm the one with the allergy and celiac site? Well, just thought I would pop in and say Hello! Great article, by the way:) My daughter has started on Zoloft (very low dose) last week. The doctor assures me that this medicine will help with her depression, paranoia, and fundamental abdominal pain syndrome. I sure hope so. Next, they will work on keeping her focused.
    Well, just to update and keep in touch. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks Mary,I am happy that the doctor has assured you that the medicine will help her, you just continue doing your best for her,she will definitely overcome it.

  3. Adeyera, great post here. You're absolutely right. Often times, I find that it's my own impatience that leads to me trying to do the right the wrong time.

    God's best to you, my friend. You've got a good thing going here. Thanks for making a difference!

  4. I really struggle in Christian circles because of the implication that I am still depressed because I'm not a good enough Christian, or working hard enough on my relationship with God. I love God and I'm trying my best to trust him, but I also have a mental illness and seemingly faulty brain chemistry. Me and God will do this together but I wouldn't say that overcoming depression is easy by any means.

  5. Thanks Sarah for your comment about overcoming depression,One of the things that helped me is surrendering my life to God. Allowing him to be the care taker of my life. Depression is not easy to overcome , but with the of God it is easy.

  6. that is right everything start not right will make much problems.following


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