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Monday, April 18, 2011

She Married Herself Without A Husband

A popular Taiwanese psychiatrist had a splendid wedding for herself early this year without a husband. Chen chen, 45, who has published a number of books, said that she spent two  month  preparing for her wedding in full traditional Taiwanese style. It included sending wedding invitation to friends and relatives for her wedding reception, lighting firecrackers and giving out her wedding cake. Sounds funny, but that’s  the uncover secret of achievers!They always remember that: THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE IS TO MEET YOURSELF AND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR SELF! Chen Chen is not the only woman to have fallen in love with, and married herself. It’s a common practice in Taiwan.

In November last year, Taipei office worker held her own wedding after thinking that it was time to get married although she had not found “Mr Right.” The emphasis here is not on the “marriage ceremony” of these women, but on their mindset of BELEIVING IN THEMSELVES.

No matter what is happening to or around you, always remember that you are the expressed image of God and that you are not inferior to anybody. Don’t allow circumstances or daily events  to re-define who you are.

On your next birthday, buy yourself a card addressed: “FROM ME TO ME” treat yourself to a great dinner, go shopping and buy a good birthday gift for yourself, then sing a happy birthday song to yourself. 

The reason is simple: You Must Be Your Number One fan In This Wicked World! Agape Love (Unconditional Love) Is Not For You To Love The World Alone! It Must Start With You Loving Yourself Just As You Are (Without Condition).

The greatest experience is to meet yourself and fall in love with yourself daily, over and over again. Will you plan your solo-wedding soon? Invite me! Start today.

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  1. I read this story in a daily devotional this morning. Quite encouraging!


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