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Friday, April 8, 2011

Every Problem Has A Solution

One of the greatest post- war Italian comedians, Mario Monicelli has killed himself by jumping out of an hospital window. Monicelli. 95, was nicknamed:"THE FATHER OF ITALIAN COMEDY" for directing films such as "Amiel Mei" ( My Dear Friend) and "Soliti Ignoti" (person Unknown)- all great comedies that can make you think that Christmas is in July. He received numerious awards and was nominated for Oscar award. He acted and directed 70 films, often focusing on stories about ordinary people confronted by extra ordinary circumstances. But is it not sad that after helping others to laugh, he could not help himself to laugh.

According to a controversial statement by USA police, former Nigeria footbal squad ( the super Eagles) defender, Uche Okafor committed suicide in January this year. This has brought to three the numbers of Nigeraian footballers who have committed suicide since 1952. The reason for this controversial suicide is unknown. Uche's death also follows the suicide of German goalkeeper Robert Enke. He commited suicide a few months ago because  he could not get over the death of his two years old daughter, Lara, who had died of heart complications

In life, there is no battle free age group, nation, profession, colour, tribe, sex etc. Obstacles and trials are inevitiable to all. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace and problems are the price progress. That is why you  must not murmur, die or quit. Every Problem Has A Solution And Has An Expiry Date!  You must be determined and resolute inspite of that depressing circumstance.

Never bow to a problem! It will bow at last if you hold on and hold out.You must not end your life, giving up is not an option, quitting is not an option; success is a journey not a destination.



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  3. Please look up the values of Magnesium...
    It and drinking adequate water, also helps very much with depression...Also...the B they feed the central nervous system, especially Vit B 6 and 12. Personally the B complex is a cheaper way to buy them.
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