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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Depression, You Can Overcome It.

Depression is the simplest mental illness to stop, to pause, to relieve, yet day after day, in hospitals all over the country, doctors still attempt to cure depression without making patients aware of the very relief that is available to them for free.Some cases of severe, deep-seated depression might need medication and long-term therapy, but some mild depression, ordinary sadness can be paused by having the person take action. Imagine if every depressed person knew and learned and remembered that a person cannot remain depressed if they are continuously taking action, then maybe thousands or millions of patients would begin taking action in their own lives. Though, there are times when you are simply depressed and you try action and yet you stay depressed even while being active. Most people "quit' there and go back to inaction. Yet, if you just keep at the action, keep being active, even if you still feel depressed while being active, your activity will soon win out over the depression. The key is to be determined and continue to be active. Think about it. The most severely depressed individuals sit still or remain in bed all day and all night. If they could bring themselves to move, to take some steps, to get out of bed, to go for a walk, and if they could convince themselves to do this every day or a few times a day, eventually their action would win out over their inaction.

If you find yourself being mildly depressed, the very best medicine for you at that exact moment would be to take action. Taking some good, positive actions in your life will help you get back to yourself, as you were before you were depressed. So, how does one treat himself to relieve his own depression when they are living alone or when they have no one counseling them?

If you are mildly depressed, I suggest that you take action. Take some ordinary actions such as these:
• Go to the library and find the self-help section. Find books by Wayne W. Dyer, Og Mandino. Look through the shelves in that section and find every book that is applicable to you and your life. Read the books right there at the library. Find the book called, The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino. Look at the book called, The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, and remember to locate that book called, The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.
• Go to the bookstore, the one that has the headphones. Hang out in the music section and listen to all kinds of music. If you can afford to buy some music, then do so.
• Call some friends or relatives and arrange a visit. Get outdoors.
• See nature. Visit a park.
• Check your local newspapers and find out where the festivals are and attend some.
Feeling suicidal? Sometimes when you are depressed, you might have suicidal thoughts and feelings also. It makes sense. The pain of depression is so awful that some just want to be relieved of the pain and want that so bad that they begin thinking and feeling suicidal. Think different. Yes, I said think different. Put different thoughts in your head. Know and remind yourself that it is not life that you truly want to leave but it is the pain that you want to leave. So keep that in mind. If you are feeling suicidal, the best thing to do is to call a suicide hotline in your country. If you don’t have anybody to call or talk to, You can email me for help.

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  1. I want to share something that God wrote about a "depression" situation in someone's life. It is about King Saul (an evil King). The Bible says that one day when an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him, King Saul heard Godly music and the evil spirit departed.

    In your Bible you can read about it in 1 Samuel 16:13-23. Saul talked to Jesse, the father of David (future King) and said this: "' ... Let David, I pray thee, stand before me; for he hath found favour in my sight.' And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him." (1 Sam 16:22-23)

    I understand that depression can all but cripple a person. But I also know that the Bible has answers for all of life's issues; timeless and very relevant today. Anything contrary to what is taught in the Scriptures is not truth and will not fix the problem. (2 Tim 3:16-17 ... we are throughly furnished!)

    Some medications may mask the symptoms, but a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit is the only thing that will heal the depressed soul.


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