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Monday, January 24, 2011

If You Want To Succeed You Must Be Ready To Fail.

Do not quit easily from a pursuit you have carefully thought  about before embarking on. You must be ready to fail if you desire to succeed for those who fear failure will never know success. This is because success is a product of risk. Many have never in their lives succeeded significantly in any area because they would not want to fail. I would rather fail ten times and succeed once than to remain on the same spot for fear of failure.

From my experience and from the experiences of others, I have discovered that people do not remember your failure anymore when you eventually succeed.  The chance to succeed or fail in life is 50/50. No matter how much you plan and no matter how careful you are when you embark on a thing, there are bound to be some challenges along the way. There are situations and circumstances that will develop later which you did not forsee the onset.

Every celebrated achievement has the other side but when success comes, failure is relegated to the backgroung. Read the biographies of great men and women in life, you will find out that the two(failure and success) always go hand in hand.

Risk taking is crucial in success. If you are the type that is risk averse, you will become a risk yourself because there is  no guaranteed success on any voyage. Every journey of life is a risk,those who eventually  succeed are the ones called champions or celebrities.

No matter what, failure can never be final. It  only means you should do it again in another way.  AS you turn it around again and again, things would change for better.


  1. Great post! I found you through BizChickblogs' BlogFrog community. I love your thoughts here and I truly need them at the moment. See I am about to begin teaching cooking classes at a local cafe' and before I have taught one class, a local paper wants to feature me as a "person of the week" because I'll be doing classes for homeschooled children. I keep thinking that I don't deserve a write up until I prove myself but I guess it's ok. I am not afraid to take a chance and obviously neither are my bosses. Thanks for the encouragement today.


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