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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothing Comes Cheap In Life.

If it is cheap, then it has little or no value. To grow up and become a distinguished man or a lady of repute is not easy. To acquire good education is not easy. To pick up a good job after your training is not easy. To make a choice in marriage is not easy; to settle down and build an enviable home is not easy. For a man and a woman to stay together as husband and wife till death do them part is not easy. To own a business and run it successfully is not easy.

To be a man, providing for, protecting  your wife and children is not easy also. To attend lectures, read, write and pass examination is not easy. To work, gather money and build a house is not easy. To be the head of an organization or church is not easy. To succeed and maintain success in not easy too.

There is no person who loved or lived a life of ease that was remembered, so hate easy things. Make up your mind early in life as to what you really want to achieve by working hard for it. Victory is not  cheap, work hard to achieve your set goals. Nothing is impossible for a serious minded person.


  1. of cousrse nothing comes cheap... coping with depression its hard work.... i know it...

    thake a deep breath and push yourselves forward... need to find a motivation goal.. it could be a tiny thing such as making some cookies for youself... or bigger as you can.

    Its on your big...great and powerfull mind he way out.. no one its going to save you... you know?...( if you are a believer.. you´ll find he guide you trough your thoughts if only you stop being stubborn...)

    its just an experience....

  2. Thanks Paty A for your comment.


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