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Friday, January 28, 2011

Stop Worrying

Do not worry for worry is a killer. Worry is like the berbers chair, it turns you round and round without  taking you an inch forward. When you worry you can’t pray, when you worry you cannot sleep and when you worry, you cannot think. Worry leads to sleeplessness, which leads to hypertention and hypertention leads to all kind  of system breakdown disorders. Worry has and is still sending people to their untimely grave. Stop it before it stops you. If you worry from now till eternity, it will make no difference, so avoid worrying, only think of how to make things better.

Worry cannot pay your debt, settle your bill, release your cheque, heal you, complete your project, help pass your examination or secure you a job. Worry cannot give you a baby or undo what has been done. So, why are you worrying on these things? Worry is the money you pay for goods not supplied. It is death warrants for an untimely grave, avoid it.

Worry is not necessary for fear  is not real. What you are afraid of will never happen and fear is false expectation appearing real. Nobody fears what has already happened, it is the unknown that creates fear and the unknown is the unreal. Fear is an exaggeration of problem. 

Things are not always how people describe them to be. People exaggerate a lot because that is the only way to make you believe in what they say. There are many situations you thought will kill you or that you could not survive in the past but you survived them. That is why you are still alive.


  1. Hi Adeyera, Great post! Very direct, I like it thanks for sharing it. We share some common insights.
    Have a great day
    Wendy :)

  2. It's hard to be a forward thinker if your always looking behind. Why grab the bull by the horns if your worried about the poop end? No worries here! Thanks for the insights. -Bethanie


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