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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tips On How to Communicate With a Man With Depression

How do you talk to someones who's not talking? How do you help a man help himself? Ugg!!!

Somethings wrong with your guy, but all you hear, "Don't worry about me, I'm fine." Symptoms of major depression last for two weeks or more.

Steps on how to communicate with a Man with Depression.

Step#1 Don't Ask if He's Depressed?

Men shame easily when suffering from depression. To hear Are you Depressed,? he may withdraw instantly. Possibly lashing out with anger. Be gentle, caring. You know your Man. Ask, You don't seem to have energy. Are you OK? Do you feel OK? Why don't you get checked out?" The stigma surrounding depression makes it nearly impossible for men to speak about it directly. Be Patient and non-threatening.

Step #2 Withdrawal of Love Doesn't Work

You may get frustrated with his non-reply, but using affection as a bargaining chip doesn't work. If he's depressed this may increase his feeling of helplessness. Again you risk withdrawal, risky behavior, increase alcohol/drug use. Remember he can't just "Snap Out of It."

Step#3 Get Educated about Depression

Knowledge of symptoms, risk factors makes you better able to empower him. Myths, misinformation destroys all attempts to get him to empower himself. Because, in the end only he can save himself. 78% of all married men who visited a doctor had been influenced to do so by their wives.

Step#4 You Must Take Care of You First

Find support. Speak with trusted family members, speak with other women who may have gone through it with their mate. Join a depression support group. Depression takes a toll on everyone. If you're supporting him, who's supporting you? Don't be a damn superwoman! Don't take his illness personal. You get empower also!

Step#5 Stay With It

Stay consistent with seeking help from a Physician. Don't be fooled by episodes of "He Seems better" "A Pray Session" "or Good Sex" Major depression undiagnosed will eventually halt him emotionally, physically and psychologically. Give him Love and Education for treatment and you would have done all that you could control. Empower him, and he'll make the right decision for both of you.


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