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Monday, January 11, 2010

My Husband Is Depressed-What Should I Do?

There are numerous life events that can cause depression but if the partners have mutual understanding and loving relation, together they tend to deal with all the depression causing life events. Here are some symptoms of depression which can help you diagnose this evil.

* Gradual change in behavior, irritating nature
* Unable to tolerate even little noise or laughter.
* Sleep Sickness
* Love to remain isolated and silent
* Lost desire for sex
* Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
* Lost charm of life, suicidal thoughts

Your married life is an important part or better said the most important part to keep all other do’s of life perfect. Here are some tips to steer clear of depression and make your married life healthy and happy.

* Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with lively thoughts, well balanced diet and regular work out. .
* Learn to create balance in your life by saying NO to overload or extra responsibilities.
* Share your feelings with your spouse or close friend. You will feel relaxed after letting lose the burden.
* Educate yourself and your partner about depression. Being aware about the signs, symptoms and causes leaves a great impact on the issue and keeps you away from depression and its negative consequences.
* Never let the issues or marital problems unresolved. Solve them immediately as they arise to avoid future blast.
* Take out sufficient time for your partner and do something you both really enjoy.
* Believe in yourself, your partner and God. Emotions and Lord the prime strength and protector of your married life.


  1. Great tips, its true that married life is an important part or better said the most important part to keep all other do’s of life perfect

  2. he he, cute topic, now depression on men..thnx cute tipz

  3. true...we really shouldn't leave marital problems unresolved.

  4. Great article with tips to ensure great and healthy married life. I enjoyed it!


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