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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If Anything Wants To Tamper With Your Destiny, Fight It

Fight alcohol, fight that urge for tobacco, fight bad temper and fight that evil habit in you. If you do not, it can delay your emergence or utterly cut you short in life.  The conscience of a man is the referee of his life. It blows foul  each time there is an infringement. This is the creator’s device to enable each of us put our lives under control. For instance, every corrupt person taking or offering bribe knows that God and man hate lies.

 Every cheat is aware that it is not the right thing to do, every smoker also knows that smoking is dangerous to health. So is every drunkard, criminal, prostitute. The problem with man’s conscience is that it can be silenced and muffled. Many have silenced their conscience and so live as if they have none. Others compromised the truth they once knew and cherished just because others are doing the same. To them, it is if you cannot beat them, join them. So, know that what is wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it or how many people are involved. Majority is not necessarily right.

To  fight whatever wants to tamper with your life; you must be determined. Subdue that enemy: be it human or habit. Do not permit it/him, for whatever you permit stays and whatever you reject goes.


  1. It is never to late to put the past in the past and start again. A new beginning starts with an ending to something.

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