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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learn To Laugh

One of the first signs of mental breakdown is inability to laugh. It is not positions that makes you happy; it is your disposition, your nature, your make up, character and your propensity. Laughter reduces health sapping tension and relaxes the tissues as well as exercises the most vital organs of human system.

Those that frowns grow wrinkles prematurely but when you smile, it increases your face value. I watched a documentary on the television; a research was conducted in America which revealed that most comedians live up to 100 years. This is because of the lighter mood their profession demands, they make people laugh at all times. While laughter sends healing waves round the whole body, frowning, anger and malice dry man's system.

If you do not want to grow old untimely, call everyone you have issues with and settle once and for all. This will enable you live long. You must also be happy whatever you do per time. Like your job and be excited about your assignment. When your job pleases you , you become tireless and want to do it more and more , if your job does not excite you, you easily get tired. If you keep managing such job, it might slow you down in destiny and shorten your life span.

Cherish what you have. Those  who nthink only of what others have which they do not always look unhappy. Learn to appreciate God no matter your  condition. If you are grateful for what God has done for you, He will be compeled to do more.

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