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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Overcoming Depression With Medication

There are different types of depression medications (antidepressants) used to treat depression and conditions that have depression. These drugs improve symptoms of depression by increasing the availability of certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. They can help lift your mood and ease the sadness and hopelessness you feel.

All antidepressants are prescription drugs. This means that you cannot buy them over the counter.

Taking a decision on the type of depression anxiety medication to take would depend largely on the balance between its pros and cons. What this means is that you have to study the possible effects (both positive and negative) of each drug before making the decision to take it.

If you are deciding on prescription medications, your doctor will advise before making any decisions.

Major Types of Antidepressants are listed below:

1.Noradrenergic and Specific Serotonergic Antidepressants (NASSAs)

2.Serotonin- Inhibitors (SNRIs)Norepinephrine Reuptake

3.kSelective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)

4.Norepinephrine (Noradrenaline) Reuptake Inhibitors (NRIs)

5.Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs)

These drugs are effective but they are accompanied by many side effects as well.

Some of the side effects of this drugs are:

• Insomnia

• Nausea or vomiting

• Headaches

• Dizziness

• Weigth loss or gain.

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